Northcoast Oil Company (NOCO) is an independent oil and gas company operating in the Northern Gulf Coast area, with special emphasis on South Louisiana and Southeast Texas.  NOCO is committed to applying its geological, geophysical and operational expertise in the cost-effective pursuit of oil and natural gas reserves.  NOCO has a comprehensive exploration office in Covington, Louisiana.

Our primary focus is subsurface geology.   Regional and detailed subsurface mapping allow us to look for a wide range of prospect types and sizes - from the "close-in" development well to the "new field" discovery well.   Northcoast uses its 3D seismic workstations to integrate seismic with subsurface geological mapping and field studies.  We use the latest seismic evaluation technology, such as 3D seismic reprocessing, geophysical modelling,  AVO, inversion and spectral decomposition.  

ExPert Oil & Gas, L.L.C. and Northcoast are partners in developing the Northcoast projects.  ExPert provides the engineering expertise and will act as operator for any project as required.  To learn more about Expert Oil & Gas click here to view their website.

Northcoast is working on a number of projects and exciting exploration plays in Louisiana and Texas.   Current projects include subsurface and production evaluations of Gulf Coast oil and gas fields for possible acquisition. 

​The prospects in our inventory are in various stages of development and we encourage you to contact us for further information.  Below are some of the drilling prospects in our current inventory:

  • Enterprise Prospect - SE TX
            - leased
            - deeper pool field extension,amplitude, attributes, AVO. 160 BCF, 5 MMBO
            - anticipated spud in July/August 2019
  • Oxbow Prospect - SW LA
            - leased
            - Development well, Amplitude, AVO. very low risk. 504,000 BO, 700 MMCF
            - anticipated spud in November 2019
  • Point Bar Prospect - SW LA
            - leased
            - Development well, Amplitude, AVO. very low risk. 532,000 BO, 600 MMCF
            - anticipated spud in December 2019
  • Hopewell Prospect - SE LA 
            - New field, four-way closure, 8,500' TD, Amplitude, attributes, AVO. 8 MMBO
            - currently leasing
            - should spud July 2020
  • Pickwick Prospect - SE LA 
            - 16,500' test, 1,000 acre reservoir, 227 BCF, 9 MMBO
  • Privateer Prospect - SE LA 
            - New fault block Amplitude Play. 800,000 BO, 1.0 BCF
  • ​Vendome Prospect - SE LA 
            - New fault block Amplitude Play. 438,000 BO, 5.8 BCF
  • Corsair Prospect - SE LA 
            - New fault block Amplitude Play. 432,000 BO

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Covington, LA  70433
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